"Sites recolonized by beavers had nine times as much surface water as before they came back,
even in years of drought."  
'Beaver Fever' New Scientist, 22 October 2016
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"Federal and state agencies, including in California, are considering beavers as conservation partners to restore habitat and bolster its resilience to climate change. Not only do the dams build up water reserves but a series of dams can act as speed bumps to slow flooding, and they can even sequester carbon."

'Beavers as Ecopartners' National Wildlife Federation , July 2017

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"The SRWC’s persistence and leadership with these experimental techniques, with the guidance of Dr. Pollock, and participation from local landowners, has been very important. By continuing to advance these techniques and learn from the regulatory process, the SRWC has helped provide California’s restoration community with a new tool for habitat improvement."  
- Jonathan Warmerdam, North Regional Water Quality Control Board
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Executive Officer's Report, March 2017