Patterson Creek Wood Loading- Phase 2 2019 Implementation

Patterson Creek is a  salmonid spawning and rearing cold-water westside tributary. While the alluvial fan of the stream goes subsurface every year, it's upper Valley reach remains wetted, has cold water, an extensive riparian canopy and is known to support coho and steelhead rearing. The confinement and increased velocities have reduced the ecological services that stream can offer, with reduced slow water habitat, gravel sorting and groundwater recharge. This year's phase is the second of three phases. Streamside trees were fell  directionally by local followers, Andy Dean and Tim Murray, across the stream channel and we're wedged into adjacent live trees for improved stability. Most all trees were left whole with a goal to minimize mobilization. Once fell, SRWS staff, Volunteer Ken Collins and the Siskiyou California Conservation Corp crew move them into desired locations. Funding for two phases of this project has been provided by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service Partners Program and third phase (scheduled for implementation in 2020)  has been funded by the Bureau of Reclamation which is administered by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.